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    Friday, January 5, 2007
    Ustad and the Divas : The review
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    My first look at the promo of this album and I just knew that this would be a real good album. Ustad Sultan Khan, Shreya Ghoshal, Chitra and Sunidhi Chauhan in one album ! Nice ! Bollywood composer Sandesh Shandilya composed the tunes for the album with Salim Sulaiman Duo doing the programming and arranging bit. DJ Mit remixes a few originals of this album bring the song total to 10. Remixes ! In Ustad's album !? Relax... they're good and bearable., almost all.

    Leja Leja is my personal favourite and perhaps the most melodious song of the album. This one song can make you go buy the album. The popularity of this song is evident with the song being screened so often on most of the music channels. I think the video is also cute. The girl’s a bar dancer alrite, but the video is so well made, it doesn’t appear to be vulgar and also to be noticed that the girl n guy meet at the end of the video... a happy ending ! Shreya Ghoshal and Ustad Sultan Khan’s voices add magic to the song and the lyrics, a lil more. I didn't exactly like the remixes. May be beautiful song like this should have been left alone.

    Haiye Re is also a beautiful melody in this album. Chitra makers her entrance in this album through this song. Feels like an older bollywood song sung by Chitra herself for Kareena Kapoor., or may b it’s just me feeling that way. Nevertheless, it’s a song to pay attention to with good lyrics and good melody.

    More Piya, a melodious classical tune performed flawlessly by Sunidhi Chauhan. It’s amazing how Sunidhi Chauhan can sing a loud energetic song like ‘Beedi’ (Omkar) and a slow song like More Piya with equal ease. Ustad’s lines in between sound very nice with the effects added by Salim-Sulaiman.

    Billo is a different song altogether. Definitely has an Indian touch to it., perhaps a Punjabi flavour because of the percussions in the song. It also feels westernized because of the supporting synthesized effects you can hear almost through the entire song in the background. Sunidhi Chauhan like always, sang this song effortlessly. Billo (REMIX) is a plain remixed version of the original. Pretty good coz most of the song except for the beats has been left the same.Billo (CLUB MIX): Very groovy n nice, perhaps will be heard in few of the clubs, but a lil out of place from the rest of the album.

    Hainiya is a beautiful village-folkish kind of melody. Sunidhi Chauhan and Ustad have carried this song beautifully. A girl singing to a boy is the theme of the song and it’s very well composed and penned.

    Rangeelo Rut is an interesting song. It’s a Rajasthani song, which I can understand partly, but I rather not talk about what it means with half knowledge. A typical Rajasthani song with kind of house beat to it. Interesting combo isn’t it? Chitra has sung it very well even though it’s in anything but her regular singing languages. Whole song’s decent except for the part when the chorus sings “Aayo re., Aayo re”.

    Alright., the first song might make you buy the album n songs like Haiye re n Hainiya might make you wanna keep it, the remixes might make you think otherwise. All things are not perfect in this world., get the album and enjoy what you believe is beautiful.


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