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    Thursday, January 11, 2007
    Man is powerful than God.
    thinks Deadeye...,

    Place: Hyderabad
    State: Liquid
    Color: Dirty Green

    Contradictions and city of extremes, everything is possible in Bombay Dreams but certainly not in Hyderabad Blues. We see miracles, horror, adventures, controversies and technology. We all know, relation between spirituality and science is always a good topic to deliberate coz one is natural and the other, supernatural which always contains a phrase called “but then…”

    Every guy in Hyderabad is familiar with this place. This place is always nauseating to any new guy who passes over. It was once the pride of the pearl city “but then…” things changed. The story of how the metropolis hullabaloo effected the narrow slums “but then…” is that correct?

    God stood up when the local people started hearing news about it being covered up. If there was no God, hundreds of unregistered houses would have been shattered. So? God is the savior…bottom-line. The drama started this way.., Government decided to cover this stinking old place to expand the dimensions of the city to ease the increasing traffic. “But then…” this place was occupied by hundreds of people who slowly turned their small huts into strong brick walls “but then…” never bothered to register their land.

    Few days later, officials came down to warn the local residents to move away from this place..the land which belonged to the govt. This was the time when God emerged out from the soil. Soon, the local residents multiplied this news of God and they eventually ended up by constructing a small place of worship where God emerged out. The same place where the govt decided to lay roads. “But then…” is this really true? Did God really come up or is it just another story created by God’s creation? Well, for me.., the story is crystal clear. You can go and have a look and if you are lucky enuf you might receive the holy prashad of God also.

    Today, this place still looks the same and the govt is not ready to take any step to hurt the religious sentiments. Well, this is the story of our very own Moosi River which now neither dons the pleasant look of a River nor is the major source of water as earlier.


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