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    Sunday, January 21, 2007
    Astala"vista" baby!!
    thinks Deadeye...,

    It took nearly five years for Microsoft to come up with their new version of operating system, Windows Vista.I was dying to lay my hands on it and when I finally did, it didn’t meet up to my expectations. Although there are few unique and wonderful features included in Vista, I feel Vista might still fail to impress the advanced or the high-end consumers. It’s absolutely obvious and normal to expect more but like always Microsoft has played safe by targeting the Home and the corporate segments. Big players cannot afford to take chances when there’s tough competition given by Linux and Apple on the other hand.

    I am neither a PC geek to write or give my opinion on the source code programming nor a tweaking expert to find out the flaws in Vista. I belong to those normal classes of people who loves creativity or who often looks for change. If you also belong to the same cluster, I feel Vista may not gratify your expectations. However there are few modifications like bringing the concept of AERO into picture which gives a 3d effect but I cannot say Vista is a complete new experience as majority of the features remains the same which might be a slight drawback.

    There’s an interesting feature called the User Account Control (UAC), with User Account Control and the new Parental Controls in Windows Vista, you can easily create a separate account for each member of the family and control which websites, programs, and games each person can use and install. You will have a calendar along with the time frames so that the administrator of the computer can choose at what time and duration a standard user can log in or what programs he can watch or visit on the internet.

    For example, if the administrator allows control to a standard user on Saturday and Sunday then a standard user cannot log on to the system on weekdays unless he knows the admin password. ;) If your dad doesn’t like you to play games on the PC for more than an hour, with UAC he can control that too. Kids, watch out!! If your parents are strict, you will have serious trouble unlocking your user account.

    However, why fear when I am here? ;) There’s a bug in UAC. You can bypass your account control by changing the time in the system setup or BIOS. For example, if you are a standard user and your account has been locked for a particular time frame, say from (6pm-9pm), in this case all you have to do is, go into the BIOS and change the timing of the computer to that time frame where you can access your account. Use it to the full advantage before Microsoft comes up with a fix to it. Go Vista.

    Minimum requirements for running Windows Vista starter are:

    1. 800 MHz of processor.
    2. 64MB- video card.
    3. Minimum of 512 MB RAM.
    4. 20GB hard disk with 15GB of free space.

    Minimum requirements for running Windows Vista Aero are:

    1. 1GHz of processor.
    2. Min 128 MB video card.
    3. 1GB RAM.
    4. 20GB hard disk with 15GB of free space.

    Vista can be installed using a bootable DVD; therefore get a DVD-ROM/RW drive if you don’t have one. To know more about Vista, it's better you go and visit Microsoft Astala"vista"!!


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