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    Tuesday, December 26, 2006
    From The Bathroom Of Our Hearts
    thinks Deadeye...,

    When the world starts moving, we move along…..THBPPTH!!! It’s when we start moving, the world moves along. Why am I talking about world now?? Well, stand straight on the leaning tower of Pisa and I’ll change my name if you don’t become famous. Either a genius or a fool can grow to be famous very easily. But why am I talking about all this stuff?? Most of us would stick our tongues out with eyes popped if Bill Gates offers us a job in Microsoft headquarters. Let it be a peon’s post, people only recognize greatness when some authority confirms it. Boy, rough life, huh?

    This is the latest buzz and the so called next factor which is quite phenomenal these days. When compared to other states though Hyderabad is well ahead in terms of education, it’s still lacking in terms of exploration. Majority of the fresh graduates who come out consider only two things in mind, either a decent job in a MNC or MS in US. People may question me back coz even im one of those graduates who’s working after quitting plans to do MS but then it’s just not about me…it’s like thousands of aspirants around me/us. It’s only after I started working that I realized there are much more things to explore than what we actually know.

    I am not here to share gyan lessons but then I just have one question in my mind….is there nothing else other than a software job? To be very straight, I am completely vexed up with the trend which is going on rite now though this is my personal opinion and not against anyone or their profession. If I have 100 friends, im quite sure that 70% come under the above mentioned movement. I would have been OK if the percentage was around 30-40%, similar to other states but then I feel 70 is a huge figure. After all, the entire prosperous employees in this world are not IT pro’s.

    You may revert back and ask me straightly.., what have I done?? Or you might simply say “Dude!! Correct yourself first”. Well, thanks. However I am pretty confident to say, I’m ready to explore. According to me, thers nothing like good or bad work, it's simply the way you project it. I hate going by the trend and I completely believe most of us do feel the same but are eventually destined to move in old direction. Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around.

    This morning I had a wonderful dream. By holding my arms out stiff and pushing down hard, I found I could suspend myself a few feet above ground. I flapped harder, and soon I was soaring effortlessly over the trees and telephone poles! I could fly! I folded my arms back and zoomed low over the neighborhood. Everyone was amazed, and they ran along under me as I shot by. Then I rocketed up so fast that my eyes watered from the wind. I laughed and laughed, making huge loops in the sky! ...
    That's when Mom woke me up and said I was going to miss the cab if I didn't get my bottom out of bed; 20 minutes later, here I am, scratching my head, waiting for my cab, and I just remembered, today is the deadline for our project. Weekdays don't start much worse than this.

    Inspired and Edited by Deadeye.


    @ 10:27 PM  
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