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    Monday, December 11, 2006
    Dream USA
    thinks Proton...,

    Hii guys, I know you are quite nervous and puzzled about the admissions ., Many questions go through the mind about choosing a right school., right specialization. But the real info comes only when u fetch, explore different ideas and details. That’s very easy., Believe me Selecting a good school is a tough task but it gets absolutely easy if you make a schedule and follow it accordingly.

    What to Study?

    The purpose of going to college is to receive a degree. That degree must be in a specified field known as the “major.”It is best to know what you would like to study before deciding on which schools you will apply to. This way you can choose schools that not only offer that subject as a major, but which also have strong programs in that subject.If you are not sure what subject to choose for your major, do not worry. A good choice for a student who has not selected a major is a core subject.

    Overview of the Application Process:

    • University selection: There are so many colleges to choose from and, if you are not already familiar with them, ask your seniors, friends or visit a consultancy. Many online communities are available now to help out the prospective grads. Some of them are Orkut, Edulix, f1study and so many more.

    • Taking Standardized Tests: You need to take GRE, TOEFL, GMAT (for some universities). Allocate a specified time and prepare accordingly.

    • Filling out the Application Form: This generally includes personal details and lists of your academic achievements, extra-curricular activities and work experience.

    • Writing the Essays or Statement of Purpose (SOP): Neatly express your goals and objectives in this essay.

    • Obtain Letters of Recommendation: Plan for these well in advance as they can make or break your application.

    • Getting Transcripts: Universities need official transcripts of your marks in major examinations. Although no preparation is required for this, expect to do a lot of running around just to get the paperwork together.

    • Applying for Financial Aid: This is a process in itself and you should prepare to dedicate substantial time for it.

      Steps in Application process

    • Fill out the application forms and pay by credit card well in advance. If the specified university does not have online application, download the application which is available in their website, fill it out, take a Demand Draft of the application fee, attach to it and send.

    • The next step in the process is to keep your paper work ready and the paper work includes :

    1. Official Transcripts of your Degree, Provisional Certificate, Consolidated Marks Sheets.

    2. Sealed and duly signed copies of your High School and Intermediate Marks Sheets.

    3. Minimum of 3 Letters of Recommendation and take a recommendation letter from your project manager or team leader if you are working.

    4. Statement of Purpose – This is important part of your documentation, clearly write your goals and your objectives, Write it on your own and review it with elders or your friends.

    5. Bank Statement – You need to show amount of over 20 Lakhs Indian Currency in Savings Account of your Sponsor.

    6. Affidavit of Support – Take this on a 10Rs or 20Rs Stamp paper.

    7. Xerox copies of your GRE and TOEFL sheets.

    8. Xerox copy of your Work Experience Certificate if you are working.

    9. Passport copy

    10. Neat and Professional Resume

    11. Technical Activity copies

    12. Extra Curricular copies if any.

    • Report your scores of GRE and TOEFL by phone or mail through your credit card. Send the paper work on the same day by neatly sealing them in a big cover and send that by courier or speed post.


    16months before: Begin your search of possible US colleges or universities that you would like to attend. Register and start preparing for the TOEFL and other entrance tests (such as GRE).Continue to work hard at your subjects at school. Good grades in the courses you are taking now will count heavily in the admissions decisions.

    12 months before: Take the TOEFL and other entrance tests. Most universities require you to take the test before December, so taking it now gives you an opportunity to take it again in November and improve your score.

    10months before: Identify two or three teachers or other people whom know you well and ask them to write recommendation letters for you. Ask the schools you have attended to start preparing your transcripts. If your previous TOEFL, GRE scores were not satisfactory, register for the test again.

    9months before: Note carefully the deadlines on each of them. Remember to allow time for delays in the mail. Ask your schools to send certified copies of your academic transcripts to each of the schools where you are applying. Ask your teachers to write their letters of recommendation for you. Give them the forms provided by the schools and a stamped, addressed envelope for each letter they will be mailing. Graduate students should write their statement of purpose if the schools have indicated that they require one. This is an important part of the application. Make photocopies of the applications and begin to fill in the required information on the copies.

    8months before: Complete your essays and application forms, including the financial aid application forms, using the originals (not the copies). Send the applications.

    4months before: You will start hearing decisions from the schools . Contact the admissions office at any school that you do not hear from.

    3 months before: Get a visa appointment from the US embassy or consulate nearest you. Make travel arrangements. Schedule your trip so you arrive at least 15 days prior to your school’s orientation.

    Hey guys, I hope this post must have given you some information at least, If you have got any doubts feel free to mail me at genxden[at] or else message in the shout box., All the best !!

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