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    Thursday, December 14, 2006
    Craig David..The Ultimate..
    thinks Proton...,

    Amazing artist, Craig David is setting an exciting new standard for UK talent and the world. At only 19 years of age multi-talented Craig is the apex of a new trend of artist emerging. Craig David is not only a singer but a great lyricist., his lyrics say it all.. I’m a guy who is not into Hip-Hop but this guy has really made me a true Hip-Hop fan. I present you lyrics of Seven Days of ‘his’ album., this song is the first crush of mine in Hip-Hop and this is the first song that was played on my deck.,

    You know what, what, what got something to say yeah Craig David 7 Days check it out yeah)

    On my way to see my friends Who lived a couple blocks away from me (owh)
    As I walked through the subway Must have been about quarter past three
    In front of me Stood a beautiful honey with a beautiful body
    She asked me for the time I said it'd cost her name
    A six digit number and a date with tomorrow at nine

    Did she decline? No .,Didn't she mind? I don't think so., Was it for real? Damn sure?
    What was the deal? A pretty girl aged 24., So was she keen? She couldn't wait
    Cinnamon queen? Let me update., What did she say? She said she'd love to
    Rendezvous., She asked me what we were gonna do
    Said we'd start with a bottle of Moet for two

    Monday., Took her for a drink on Tuesday
    We were making love by Wednesday
    And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday
    We chilled on Sunday.,

    Nine was the time., Coz I'll be getting mine
    And she was looking fine., Smooth talker she told me
    She'd love to unfold me all night long., Ooh I loved the way she kicked it
    From the front to back she flipped.,(Back she flipped it, the way she kicked it)
    And I oh I yeah., Hope that she'd care., Coz I'm a man who'll always be there
    Ooh yeah., I'm not a man to play around baby
    Ooh yeah., Coz a one night stand isn't really fair
    From the first impression girl hmm you don't seem to be like that
    Coz there's no need to chat for there'll be plenty of time for that
    From the subway to my home., Endless ringing of my phone
    When you're feeling all alone., All you gotta do., Is just call me call me


    (Break it down, break it down)Since I met this special lady (ooh, girl)
    I can't get her off my mind., She's one of a kind
    And I ain't about to deny it., It's a special kind of thing., With you, oh...


    Great Lyrics and also great composition.,Dont give a miss if you haven't heard it...


    @ 6:59 PM  
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