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    Sunday, December 31, 2006
    Goodbye 2006., nice knowing you..,
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    It’s the last day of 2006. This was an year to remember. This was the year that put India and Indians on the global map. This was the year where Indian atheletes brought back many medals, n if not, a good name. This was the year where an Indian son almost made it as the secretary general of the UN. This was the year where justice was served in many unfortunate cases. This was the year when hundreds of lives were lost in war n terrorist activities. This was the year where small nations dared to defy the world’s most powerful nations. This was the year where the Indian Sensex reached new heights. The movie Black ruling all Indian movie awards., RDB into Oscars, Indians participating in few of the biggest business takeovers,’93 bomb blasts accused finally receiving their sentences, Iran n N-Korea issue, Aishwarya in skimpy clothes, Saddam being hanged n a lot more. This sure was an year to remember!

    It’s not just about remembering what happened in the previous year. It’s also about learning from those experiences.

    It’s not just about counting down to midnight n cheering the arrival of the New Year. It’s also about being happy that you’re with the ppl u care about n celebrating the moment with them.

    It’s not just about partying. It’s about celebrating.

    It’s not just about forwarding greetings and sms’s of New Year wishes to everybody in your phone book. It’s about remembering each one of them n sending them your wishes of a good year ahead.

    It’s not just about drinking n driving recklessly assuming it to be the way to have real fun. It’s also about coming back home safely to start a fresh year.

    It’s not just about reading this post n getting back to your lives. It’s also about wishing us back!


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    Tuesday, December 26, 2006
    From The Bathroom Of Our Hearts
    thinks Deadeye...,

    When the world starts moving, we move along…..THBPPTH!!! It’s when we start moving, the world moves along. Why am I talking about world now?? Well, stand straight on the leaning tower of Pisa and I’ll change my name if you don’t become famous. Either a genius or a fool can grow to be famous very easily. But why am I talking about all this stuff?? Most of us would stick our tongues out with eyes popped if Bill Gates offers us a job in Microsoft headquarters. Let it be a peon’s post, people only recognize greatness when some authority confirms it. Boy, rough life, huh?

    This is the latest buzz and the so called next factor which is quite phenomenal these days. When compared to other states though Hyderabad is well ahead in terms of education, it’s still lacking in terms of exploration. Majority of the fresh graduates who come out consider only two things in mind, either a decent job in a MNC or MS in US. People may question me back coz even im one of those graduates who’s working after quitting plans to do MS but then it’s just not about me…it’s like thousands of aspirants around me/us. It’s only after I started working that I realized there are much more things to explore than what we actually know.

    I am not here to share gyan lessons but then I just have one question in my mind….is there nothing else other than a software job? To be very straight, I am completely vexed up with the trend which is going on rite now though this is my personal opinion and not against anyone or their profession. If I have 100 friends, im quite sure that 70% come under the above mentioned movement. I would have been OK if the percentage was around 30-40%, similar to other states but then I feel 70 is a huge figure. After all, the entire prosperous employees in this world are not IT pro’s.

    You may revert back and ask me straightly.., what have I done?? Or you might simply say “Dude!! Correct yourself first”. Well, thanks. However I am pretty confident to say, I’m ready to explore. According to me, thers nothing like good or bad work, it's simply the way you project it. I hate going by the trend and I completely believe most of us do feel the same but are eventually destined to move in old direction. Nothing helps a bad mood like spreading it around.

    This morning I had a wonderful dream. By holding my arms out stiff and pushing down hard, I found I could suspend myself a few feet above ground. I flapped harder, and soon I was soaring effortlessly over the trees and telephone poles! I could fly! I folded my arms back and zoomed low over the neighborhood. Everyone was amazed, and they ran along under me as I shot by. Then I rocketed up so fast that my eyes watered from the wind. I laughed and laughed, making huge loops in the sky! ...
    That's when Mom woke me up and said I was going to miss the cab if I didn't get my bottom out of bed; 20 minutes later, here I am, scratching my head, waiting for my cab, and I just remembered, today is the deadline for our project. Weekdays don't start much worse than this.

    Inspired and Edited by Deadeye.


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    Monday, December 25, 2006
    thinks icarus...,

    Ok, from the very beginning let me be open. I enjoy riding my two-wheeler, and driving the one on four. There is nothing else that gives me as much of a buzz, an adrenaline rush or makes me feel worth a gazillion bucks as driving. It was a startling phenomenon when I first experienced this feeling, cos as far as I was concerned, it was impossible to attain this level of satisfaction in anything at all; albeit, relieving yourself after holding it for a while or during , you know, s%@ (you got my drift, right!!).

    I was willing to give up a limb in exchange for having this feeling perennially by my side. But for those who believe in shit happening, it won’t come as a surprise that Newton’s law took effect (this one being, “for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”).Or maybe in this instance it isn’t Newton who is ruining the party but our very own ‘Murphy’, who said “if anything can wrong, it will”, or words to that effect.

    The situation out there has gotten real dreadful. It is something like ‘having to hold yourself for so long, that finally relieving yourself is no longer gratifying, but rather excruciatingly painful’. The ecstasy and kick that I derived out of driving, has been relegated to a place similar to that of having a ‘hard-on’ once annually (ouch!!). The feeling of joy and euphoria experienced in the past (similar to being physically satisfied), that made me flush every single time at the end of a ride (pun not intended), has now concocted itself into a visage of anger and murderous rage.

    I now know what premeditated manslaughter must feel like, cos I’ve caught myself thinking about running a few people over in this uncontrollable fury. For those of you unacquainted with me, this is a brief description… I am a docile, calm individual who has never gotten into a fist fight in his entire life. Thus, for me to plot bloody murder is not just surprising, but indicative of needing psychiatric help. From two, three, four and how many ever wheels a vehicle careens on, everyone follows one basic rule…break all the rules.

    At least we all agree on something, huh!! I understand that the city is a hub of population influx and a melting pot of various communities, but does that validate taking my eternal bliss, my reverence of driving, putting it into a grinder and coming out with mushy unintelligible stuff like our very own ‘double ka meetha’, minus the ‘meetha’ and double on the anger?

    If there was one motto that I followed blindly, it was the HARLEY DAVIDSON’S “LIVE TO RIDE, RIDE TO LIVE”. But if whoever coined that phrase was to have a look at the state of our traffic, the poor ole bugger would flip in his grave. R.I.P old man, cos we up here most definitely aren’t getting any of it!

    “JAI HIND!”


    P.S:- About all the sexual innuendos and some ungentlemanly language in this blog… I sincerely apologize. None of it was accidental, it was all exceedingly indispensable. And about me having homicidal tendencies…NOBODY IS PERFECT, RIGHT!


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    Sunday, December 24, 2006
    Of aapus at off-campuses
    thinks Teal™...,

    “Off campus” is a word that is of ultimate importance to us engineering grads. And by “US”, I mean the kind~

    1. Who never had decent opportunities for on campus placement.
    2. Who are stuck in the vicious cycle of ill fate.
    3. Basically, those junta who are mere pawns at Murphy’s hands.

    I had a chance. Infact I had 2 decent chances to get placed in leading MNCs. But I blew it. Well I prepared day and night and yet I blew it. Does that make any sense? It’s probably the time I was born, or the time I wrote the exam. Or just lord Murphy trying to amuse himself.

    Preparing for placements is probably the most chafing thing in the whole wide universe. You may ask “Why???” Let me tell you why, infact I have a few more questions to be asked of you~

    • Mugging and puking for getting a degree is pointless enough, but most companies only seem to look for one criteria – memory retention. Because many muggers I know [and by muggers I donot mean muggermuches or crocodiles, but they are nonetheless as vile and slimy :-&] get placed in the blink of an eye.
    • These muggers are damn experts you know. They can even tell which paper the questions exactly came from and in which venue they were conducted and things like that.
    • Then come those who are placed by sheer dumb luck. SHEER DUMB LUCK. These are the kind when asked if worked with George Summers, would promptly reply “Who is that guy??” X-( Baah!!!!

    Then comes the pointer about the biggest pain of our times. Bakunthala Bedi.

    The lady who can magically paraphrase, make umpteen assumptions based on the crappy questions she frames. [most of which have printing mistakes as well.]

    When asked a question like how long will it take for this person to reach B from A given 2 trains T1 and T2, she would give a very “concise” 1 page explanation in that frigging book of hers which starts like this~

    “Assume T1 is a bullet train. Now let us again assume that T2 is a toy train that covers the distance from mettupalayam to ……



    …………………….. thus we can clearly conclude that T2 is the faster of the two trains and Mammu will take T2 to reach his destination!!!!!!”

    Oh for the love of god!

    But people who have to attend off campus drives endlessly before the luck lady does a soprano do benefit a lot. Wanna know how? Here’s how~

    Sun tan : Hell, you don’t even need a suntan lotion or waste time lying around in the beach. If you are pale and want to grow dark, off campus drives is the cheapest and the best option for you!

    Crowd Management : Even the most decent of junta become uncivilized boors. You can effectively learn how to handle crowds, how to squirm and crawl amidst big, small and medium built people alike. How to effectively cut queues and stand in line right after arriving, when people who have been standing for hours seem like ginger eating monkeys.

    Building your stamina : Are you weak? You can’t stand for long? You can’t play any sport? Don’t worry! Off campus drives are their for you. In the process of attending these pointless drives, you will be coached to~

    · Wake up early.

    · Rush without breakfast or water.

    · Reach the venue.

    · Find about 2000 people standing ahead of you.

    · Make you mentally stronger. Hell you gotta get past these 1000’s of people to give your aptitude test.

    · Sweat till there is no water in your system.

    · Write the test on an empty stomach.

    · Now who won’t toughen up after such an exhilarating experience?

    One regular guy at off campus drives, who I happen to know, has cleared the physical fitness test for Eco Challenge 2007. Believe me, he doesn’t work out, he doesn’t jog or swim or anything. 3 months of off campus drives have toughened him. He is even thinking of giving the annual marathon a shot! You go dude!

    Gyaan : You will realize that probability is a myth. It all depends upon the game of Murphy and the luck lady. You may make it, you may not make it. In fact, there is one company which is filtering and taking only dodos exclusively. This is one of the many steps that company is taking to achieve the Duh-Dodo certification, which is a must for most software companies nowadays. You get enlightenment without sitting under any Bodhi Tree. You also get a red pill free with a teensy weensy secret~

    “There is no spoon[ spoon~ decent recruitment process].

    Btw “aapu” => tamil slang for a screw up.

    But now comes the best part of off campus drives.

    You remember Meera from Ist standard? Your long lost friend? Hey wait a minute, is that girl in queue no.200 meera? Yes it is !!!! Yay me! Meera ….. hiiii …. You wave excitedly!

    And Meera waves back. Yes, off campus drives are excellent venues for networking. You can meet your estranged schoolmates, childhood buddies, people who never even spoke to you during college, yet speak here as if you were in one biiig gang together!

    Wah bhai wah!

    Experience ho tho aisi …..


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    2007.., the year of Broadband ?
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    Something I came across on n I HAD to share it with you. BSNL offers broadband internet connections of 2Mbps to all its subscribers from Jan 2007! Really ! 2Mbps in India !? This is amazing n something I thought I'd never see or hear for another decade !

    This sure is a move to attract more customers, which of course will work very well with the Indian consumers who like to spend 'just enough' for everything as there are no upgrading charges and there are a variety of plans for everybody.

    The two things I didn't like about the plan n so did Aseem are that there is no mention of unlimited plans with BSNL with the new speeds. N also the fact that this new hi-speed connections are subject to technical feasibility which means smaller exchanges not designed to handle heavy loads will not able to provide you with this speed.

    So wat... such things I think, can be overlooked 'cause this is the first step that I believe can lead to more speeds and better plans. The private ISPs will definitely be 'up'ing their speeds and plans to beat the competition and keep their customers. As our communication and IT minister said "it is now for the private operators to match it or beat it". N I hope they do... which means all the more good stuff for us !

    Long live the telecom boom ! Long live competition !


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    Saturday, December 23, 2006
    Stop., look., go.,
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    What's the most dangerous stretch of land in India where thousands of lives are lost without a single bullet being fired? It’s not the hot barren deserts or the lifeless cold mountains. I'm not even talking about the Indo-pak borders or the home sweet home for suicide bombers in India: Kashmir. You can't escape it 'cause you're surrounded by it. It engulfs your city, your home, it creeps through your friendly neighbor hood. It follows you wherever you go. Just when you think you can run away it's always ahead of you and behind you. It's dark n rough surface has tasted the blood of many. Yes genius, you got it right. It's the ROADS!!! You can hide but you can't run coz then it's right under you.

    Not hard to believe that India's almost at the top of the charts. Not the Billboards! On the list of the highest number of road fatalities in the world. Phew! I don't blame you if you walk or drive very aware on the roads next time you're out. You can hide but you can't run from it.

    What makes the roads more dangerous than the crazy drunken drivers or insanely small highways or tons of killer steel n rubber that we call Lorries? May be those too.., but can we forget sweet lil’ Banti playing on the road (of all places) or Ramu kaaka talking a casual walk on the road just a few feet.., from the freakin' divider line !

    While Banti likes to become the next Baichung Bhutia n kicks the ball into the imaginary goal post n he can't wait for the imaginary goalkeeper to return it back., so goes to get it. He picks up the ball n he smiles listening to the roar... but it's not of a cheering crowd but of a lorry driving towards him. Sometimes he makes it back safely to his side of the field., sometimes unfortunately he doesn't. This is just Banti's case n we got thousands of Bantis, Chintus, Babloos and Golus all over India aspiring to be good sportspersons but unfortunately too far away from the safety of their homes.

    Now, seventy year old Raamu kaaka's bored at home. Nobody talks to the poor old man at home n the TV is NEVER free. He comes out for some fresh air. He's occupied with thoughts of how good life was when he was young or humming a hymn. He's already old n slow, with a poor eyesight n bad hearing. Immersed in his thoughts, he walks on the road like there was nothing else in his way. Passersby try n dodge him, Cars in the corners honk their horns in frustration for him to move n Speeding bikes coming from the other side halt to a screech inches from him., some even crashing to a louder screech. Raamu kaaka's still in his own world., still walking dangerously away from the pavement n unfortunately for him, there's one motorist whose reflex is as slow as his n then sadly steel meets skin n skin meets road.

    It's bad enough for the kid or the old man n their family but the sometimes injured motorist doesn’t get away without tasting the curses n punches of the ubiquitous Indian street crowd., our self appointed lower level judicial system. The innocent kid of the wise old man just couldn't have made the mistake.. they assume. The motorist gets an undeserved beating of a lifetime n the victims are rushed to the hospitals n in ONLY a few cases return home.

    It's a scary fact that to be safe on the road you are not the only one on the road who has to be careful. Roads are just not safe considering the fact that there are 'innocent' (read unintentionally careless) people like kids or old people but also many inexperienced n bad drivers and quite a few booze boys. Do your part carefully n hopefully you'll survive with just a few scratches. Wear your helmets n seat-belts n drive carefully n slowly n follow the traffic rules not coz someone told you so., but coz somebody's waiting at home., for you to return...safely.


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    Thursday, December 21, 2006
    Of whining and whiners
    thinks Teal™...,

    Whining is …

    • Habitually complaining
    • Talk in a tearful manner
    • Complain whiningly
    • Unable to relax or be still
    • Being Querulous … yeah yeah - Courtesy : Wordweb.
    Whining is this state of mind in which people are not able to proceed or think ahead. All whiners do is crib, complain, use profanities and the like. All we have is this one life. People always get all preachy crap like “Life is short, make it sweet.” So who all whine anyway?

    You know you are a whiner when …

    • Your playlist includes ~

    Everybody hurts by REM, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Runaway Train by Soul Asylum, Wishful Thinking by Duncan Shiekh.

    • You hate to get up in the morning.
    • You crib.
    • You hate your routine, humdrum life and feel that your very existence is freaking monotonous.
    • You crib.
    • You hate everything all around you and try to cut off links with everyone.
    • A la, you become a recluse.
    • Your facial expressions are the equivalent ones of Peter Gibbons from “Office Space”. [God, I have to write something about movie soon. Mike Judge is a genius.]
    • You crib.
    • You call up your best friend and have hour long conversations 3 times a day.
    • You crib.

    Whiners are …

    Most professional whiners I know are extremely capable and intelligent people who have ended up qualifying themselves in a field that is as interesting to them as the concept of snail farms and snail races. Hey! I am not insulting snail farm owners now… don’t get me wrong you guys.

    Sometimes people end up in such a standstill situation that the whole stoic frame drives them crazy. And all they can do is whine to vent out all of their frustration to all their and near friends. There are two kinds of whiners – Seasonal Whiners and Habitual Whiners

    Seasonal whiners are those who aren’t whiney by nature. Circumstances make them so. Once things get sorted out, they back to their usual go getter selves. Habitual whiners are bloody carriers. They carry this pathogen popularly known as the Parisitus Whinerus . You see a habitual whiner, you do what I do. RUN. They cannot and they never stop complaining. They just can’t!

    The worst affected people are ….

    Unfortunately, friends of the seasonal whiners are the worst affected. So are the family members. They have to listen to endless depressing crap. That is of course, until the pathogen’s effect wears off. Then they have the double satisfaction of making their friends happy as well as getting rid of the whiney phase of their buddies.

    Allrighty …. So how do seasonal whiners deal with a mild attack of Parisitus Whinerus??

    Sadly, Parisitus Whinerus has no medical cure. You have to let it all go. You have to find and fixate on something in life that makes it enjoyable. Something that brings a smile on your face. All our lives we are told what to do by the people around us. Parents tell us what courses to take in college. School maims us and traumatizes us to ends we cannot articulate. It’s human to whine. Nobody’s perfect Dammit!!!

    It’s upto the victims to deal with their whining phase. The best remedy would be to vent out all their anger in some way or the other, or of course have iterative cribbing sessions with those who can understand their state.

    Damn Simple.

    Australian kid: Don’t try to bend the spoon, but just try to realize the truth.

    Neo: What truth?

    Australian kid: There is no spoon.

    Life has a flow. It has this lucid fluid like motion. Sometimes u go upstream, sometimes downstream. But you are always on the move. Never Stoic. Never Stagnant. Realise this truth. You may whine today, but you will definitely win tomorrow. Sometimes, even cribbing to your friends may not help. It is up to you to realize this universal truth. Let it all go , or should I say like the quacks in reel life never fail to repeat – “T.I.G”. [Trust. In. God]

    Trust in yourself. Trust in God. The former being all the more important.

    All winners were whiners once. Infact most winners I know are discreet members of Whiners Anonymous…

    WHO is currently working on making the world whine free by the year 2050. Kofi Annan is currently approaching celebrities to raise funds for the realization of the same.

    Remember, even Neo was whiny once.

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    Tuesday, December 19, 2006
    Same Point Theory!!!
    thinks Deadeye...,

    I must say our age band is very lucky. Four years of graduation teaches you a lot of things…things which we hated at that point of time are turning out be very useful now. I am not talking about the circuit designing, electromagnetism or oops!! I laughed when I heard tht name..oops!! (Object oriented programming something). Anyways, excluding all these subjects ther’s one common subject which we all learned without any training. It’s the same point theory. I know most of us hate theories but then this is one of those theories which we use when our state of affairs are all set to explode. I studied electrical engineering and I am very proud to say that I passed all my examinations using the same point theory. Juniors!!! Pls read this document carefully. GenxDen posts are subjected to academic risks, please read the posted documents carefully before implementing.

    I am pretty sure that we all have used the same point theory during exams. In fact it’s still being used and will be used until my great grand children turn 75. It’s called impressive crap where both you and the reader don’t know what the subject is but we still try to comprehend, similar to this case. Though I wrote 15 odd lines till now, I am damn sure that most of us still don’t know what same point theory is. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you so easily. I know you guys love to guess and want to use your corroded brains. Please don’t strain yourself. If something is so complicated that you can't explain it in 10 seconds, then it's probably not worth knowing anyway. If you belong to those kind of people where the exam time is up and the lecturer starts collecting the papers and you still try to write those 2-3 lines with a half irritated/worried expression on your face pleading “ sir…sir..five more minutes sir..sir…saar..saaaaar..gone with the wind!! , then continue reading. A good compromise leaves everybody mad.

    I will give you one more example where I used the same point theory. When the first half of the movie Casino Royale was over, my friend and I came out to take drinks. We were 27 of them in the theater and we had to take colas for everybody. I obliviously ordered 27 drinks and called my frnds to collect ‘em. At this point o time, a dangerous question was put to me- the canteen guy asked “ Saar!! 27x12 kitna??” . How on earth will I/ we be able to answer such a question so quickly?? What does he think I am, an engineer? Huh!! One more nostalgic part of youth goes THBPPTH.!!! Then, I straight away took out my cell phone acting as if I got a call and slowly moved to one corner to calculate the numbers. Finally came back to the same point and paid the money and swore will never take the risk of ordering huge quantities without a calculator in hand.
    Well, the same point theory is also applicable to all those koo-chikoo pairs out there. In fact, you can make your crying partner straight faced, complete laugh is not guaranteed though. The motto is simple, can’t convince?? Then confuse!!! Explain your partner that ther’s no world without him/her giving along indirect messages which say “who cares”!! Bring them to the point where they don’t know whether to give you a cold hug or a warm shoulder. It’s like scoring marks on the same point which you cannot explain. Couples!! Keep in mind, never use the same point theory with your partner when you are out to places like boating, hill top views or for that matter even shoe shopping!!! As already said, GenxDen posts are subjected to major risks, please read the posted documents carefully before implementing.


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    Monday, December 18, 2006
    Yeh dil mange more... but no colas behind the school canteen door...
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    Anbumani Ramadoss ( Ramadoss vs Venugopal fame ), our union health minister has brought frowns on many faces, young faces that is. The same Ramadoss who had given the cola companies a clean chit when faced with accusations of the drinks containing pesticides has gone from cola friendly to health friendly. He's planning to ban colas from all school canteens ! Oh my god... wat ! Lucky me, i passed out with all the cola I could have. He's not only targetted colas but all 'junk food'.

    "Junk food and colas are not good for childrens health, hence the sale of these products should be banned....." says our respected minister. Cool.. but didnt we know this all the while ? Y act suddenly ? N after allowing people's favs McDonalds n KFC into India ? Anyways inspite of many possible legal problems, he's planning to put his plan into action. Hope they are MEGA legal problems.

    Now, does the ban gaurantee that today's children will grow into a healthier youth tomorrow ? Considering other problems like pollution, unhealthy lifestyles, chances of addiction to alcohol and drugs in the later years and also the availability of 'junk food' everywhere else, the answer is a big NO. HELL NO !

    Just like you can't squeeze toothpaste back into the tube, you just can't force good habits on to others. Virtually impossible, try it if you don't believe me ! I'm not totally against his intentions but a severe ban is not the solution. What you can do is make them aware of what they're doing to themselves and the ill effects of eating a lot of junk food. They should be made to understand that too much is too bad and anything taken in moderation is really not that bad n actually fun.

    Children should also be taught the benifits of a healthy lifestyle. Not just kids, everybody should know that sitting on the couch on their fattening behinds all day in front of the tv is doing them no good. Exercise GOOD.., obesity and diabetes BAD. You can't have any of these chips or sweets or colas later in life and will have to live at the mercy of insulin injections. Ouch !

    Think about it, gorging too much on junk food means no more of that stuff in the future. A little of it now and then along with an active and healty lifestyle ensures that you can enjoy your fav drinks and chips for a long long time to go.

    So People..... Live n eat healthy, Live longer.
    Ramadoss sir..... educate than enforce.


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    Sunday, December 17, 2006
    Manchester United Till Death !!!
    thinks Proton...,

    Reds!!! What the fans call this club., I wasn’t bothered about football till my high school but then I developed a great interest on this wonderful game by watching the World cup of 1998. Then onwards., I started watching all the English premier leagues, Spanish leagues and Champions league. One club which really made this game interesting is Manchester United., I really love the way they play. their players., their jersey., what not in fact every single thing about them.

    Headed by the main in charge, Sir Alex Ferguson is the most successful manager in British football history – winning 18 major trophies during his time in charge of the Reds. Yet despite almost two decades at the Old Trafford helm he remains focused on increasing that tally, bringing yet more silverware to Manchester United.

    Arsenal,Liverpool are the main rivals for this club ., Man U is currently in the top spot of Premier league and are the strong contenders for the title and also for Champion’s Trophy. With big names on their charts., this club makes a dream team for any manager and fans.

    With lights of Rooney., Saha ., Christiana Ronaldo and many more., this club is making a tremendous progress from the recent past. I love the way they all play and more importantly not a single player is selfish of their own game and they really play one for the club. That’s what makes me true Man U fan and I’m damn sure that no other club will replace this great one., Man U Go GO


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    Changing ways !!!
    thinks Deadeye...,

    I stopped my car in the lane beside café bahar. It was 5:20 in the morning and I had no clue what I was up to. It was cold and dark outside and I pushed my seat back thinking to have a small catnap until 6. I smiled thinking about the story of a guy who turned from innocent to indifferent within six years. Well, it’s not my opinion but it was what people called him coz you will never be able to accept any guy who ignores you right on your face. It started this way….

    I have been gathering few facts for the past 2 days and I wasn’t surprised looking at the results of few surveys conducted. One of those surveys included a question “According to you what’s the latest thing happening around?”

    Change – 46%
    Money – 22%
    Social Service – 19%
    Traffic – 7%
    Others – 6%

    What surprised me was the social service factor. Majority of the youth who started earning are into social service. Feels good to see that our generation is being part of such acts where people are driving themselves to engage or join hands with NGO’s where there are no selfish reasons behind. I was quite impressed with a show named "The scholar" which was aired on “star world”. A reality television show that offered college scholarships as prizes. Ten high-achieving high school seniors compete for a full scholarship to the University of their Choice in a competition that tested their skills in academics, leadership, and school spirit and community service.
    One of my office colleagues addresses even a waiter at a restaurant as “sir “. I asked him “don’t you think it’s sarcastic?”…he answered “ I have no intentions of being sarcastic and I really mean it.” He says “ koi bhi aadmi bada ya chota nahi’s only the work which he does is big or small and we should never underestimate anyone.” I was really happy and surprised listening to his answer. I mean, we all gossip or bitch around someone or the other at some point of can be your boss, lecturer or friend. However, I feel that these things should not be discussed in public; after all we are speaking about a person’s character. An example is, TV shows like MTV roadies…wherein it is also conducted on a similar level excluding academics, but you would find nothing except gossips or speaking about everyone’s character when the actual motto behind the show is different above tht you know the whole world is watching you. In fact, there are many good things which we can learn from those kinds of shows also but how many of us are being influenced by it?? When asked we all will confidently answer..” It’s part o the game”. But is the game being played fairly enough?? …..mmm, im nt sure.

    Moving to my personal side of life, the guy who was called indifferent and rude was none other than me. I felt no weird and wonderful when I was called like that. “Success does not come by pleasing everyone”. This was the statement which influenced me a lot and brought a change in my outlook However, I do not want to go in detail about this now. It’s all about the change factor which most of us know and face at some point of time in our lives. No wonder why our generations thinks CHANGE as one of the key things happening around.


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    Friday, December 15, 2006
    Fashion is not all about looks..
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    Naah... I just said that. It's all about looks. Last night as I was getting ready for a party, my dad told me to "get dressed nicely". The pressure of doing it perfectly took me almost 30 mins ! Why ? I don't care much about how good I look, but everyone out there is to judge me on the way I look and so was my father. Fashion as defined in Wikipedia is applied to a prevailing mode of expression. In general, the form of expression that we all use the word 'fashion' for is looks.

    People have nowadays become so obsessed with looks that it is right there on the top of their priority lists for anything they do. Be it starting a new business such as a restaurant or an office where the place has to look really great or there's no 'place' at all. Be it getting ready to step out of the house where even walking to the general stores at the end of your lane will get you change your clothes to something 'nice'. Even the food you eat at an eat-out has to be served neatly and should 'look tasty' even before it tastes tasty.

    Fashion has taken over the entire world. Sports such as tennis and football have become places of inspiration for fashion. White tennis apparel are now replaced by mind blowing colours and new kinds of unorthodox dressing n everybody knows where the latest and craziest hairstyles have their origin. No., not the hairdressing saloon but the football field.

    The way you look, talk, eat, move, laugh, look at your watch, enter or leave a room, hold a pen, or even wipe the cream off your face while eating a burger is being judged on 'how you do it' or in another way to put it.., 'your style of doing it'.

    It's good to have a way of doing things or how you look that will earn you a good impression from others but it's also important to not get too obsessed with it. You have to know where to draw the line.

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    Thursday, December 14, 2006
    Craig David..The Ultimate..
    thinks Proton...,

    Amazing artist, Craig David is setting an exciting new standard for UK talent and the world. At only 19 years of age multi-talented Craig is the apex of a new trend of artist emerging. Craig David is not only a singer but a great lyricist., his lyrics say it all.. I’m a guy who is not into Hip-Hop but this guy has really made me a true Hip-Hop fan. I present you lyrics of Seven Days of ‘his’ album., this song is the first crush of mine in Hip-Hop and this is the first song that was played on my deck.,

    You know what, what, what got something to say yeah Craig David 7 Days check it out yeah)

    On my way to see my friends Who lived a couple blocks away from me (owh)
    As I walked through the subway Must have been about quarter past three
    In front of me Stood a beautiful honey with a beautiful body
    She asked me for the time I said it'd cost her name
    A six digit number and a date with tomorrow at nine

    Did she decline? No .,Didn't she mind? I don't think so., Was it for real? Damn sure?
    What was the deal? A pretty girl aged 24., So was she keen? She couldn't wait
    Cinnamon queen? Let me update., What did she say? She said she'd love to
    Rendezvous., She asked me what we were gonna do
    Said we'd start with a bottle of Moet for two

    Monday., Took her for a drink on Tuesday
    We were making love by Wednesday
    And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday
    We chilled on Sunday.,

    Nine was the time., Coz I'll be getting mine
    And she was looking fine., Smooth talker she told me
    She'd love to unfold me all night long., Ooh I loved the way she kicked it
    From the front to back she flipped.,(Back she flipped it, the way she kicked it)
    And I oh I yeah., Hope that she'd care., Coz I'm a man who'll always be there
    Ooh yeah., I'm not a man to play around baby
    Ooh yeah., Coz a one night stand isn't really fair
    From the first impression girl hmm you don't seem to be like that
    Coz there's no need to chat for there'll be plenty of time for that
    From the subway to my home., Endless ringing of my phone
    When you're feeling all alone., All you gotta do., Is just call me call me


    (Break it down, break it down)Since I met this special lady (ooh, girl)
    I can't get her off my mind., She's one of a kind
    And I ain't about to deny it., It's a special kind of thing., With you, oh...


    Great Lyrics and also great composition.,Dont give a miss if you haven't heard it...


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    Wednesday, December 13, 2006
    A daily dose of internet
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    "The Indian blogosphere has some quality content blogs but when coming to the monetisation part of things - they drop down. Here are my suggestions to... "

    Read the rest of the article by Mani on his blog. Lots of useful stuff there... check it out.


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    Tuesday, December 12, 2006
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    Gnarls Barkley... one name that's personally a lil hard for me to pronounce that I never tried listening to their songs., a DJ and rapper duo.. their songs have a differnt sound ., i could do a search on the net to find out what genre their sound belongs to ..but on my own I'll guess it's electro or some kind of new sound. Whatever it is.. it's kind of new to me and anybody open to different kinds of tunes will surely enjoy it. Now, I haven't heard many songs to review them., but their videos are something to watch. Kind of 'different' but in a good way.. u can check two of their five videos here.

    Crazy : Video link
    Gone daddy Gone : Video link

    By the way.. the single 'Crazy' has been named best record of 2006 by Rolling Stones. If you knew about Rolling stones.. you'd know what an honour that is !

    India has got a lot of catching up to do as far as international music goes as our music channels always keep blasting the same Indipop or bollywood songs again n again. We cannot bring the whole international music to you., but will try letting you know about the best of the both worlds. Let the music play !


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    Monday, December 11, 2006
    Dream USA
    thinks Proton...,

    Hii guys, I know you are quite nervous and puzzled about the admissions ., Many questions go through the mind about choosing a right school., right specialization. But the real info comes only when u fetch, explore different ideas and details. That’s very easy., Believe me Selecting a good school is a tough task but it gets absolutely easy if you make a schedule and follow it accordingly.

    What to Study?

    The purpose of going to college is to receive a degree. That degree must be in a specified field known as the “major.”It is best to know what you would like to study before deciding on which schools you will apply to. This way you can choose schools that not only offer that subject as a major, but which also have strong programs in that subject.If you are not sure what subject to choose for your major, do not worry. A good choice for a student who has not selected a major is a core subject.

    Overview of the Application Process:

    • University selection: There are so many colleges to choose from and, if you are not already familiar with them, ask your seniors, friends or visit a consultancy. Many online communities are available now to help out the prospective grads. Some of them are Orkut, Edulix, f1study and so many more.

    • Taking Standardized Tests: You need to take GRE, TOEFL, GMAT (for some universities). Allocate a specified time and prepare accordingly.

    • Filling out the Application Form: This generally includes personal details and lists of your academic achievements, extra-curricular activities and work experience.

    • Writing the Essays or Statement of Purpose (SOP): Neatly express your goals and objectives in this essay.

    • Obtain Letters of Recommendation: Plan for these well in advance as they can make or break your application.

    • Getting Transcripts: Universities need official transcripts of your marks in major examinations. Although no preparation is required for this, expect to do a lot of running around just to get the paperwork together.

    • Applying for Financial Aid: This is a process in itself and you should prepare to dedicate substantial time for it.

      Steps in Application process

    • Fill out the application forms and pay by credit card well in advance. If the specified university does not have online application, download the application which is available in their website, fill it out, take a Demand Draft of the application fee, attach to it and send.

    • The next step in the process is to keep your paper work ready and the paper work includes :

    1. Official Transcripts of your Degree, Provisional Certificate, Consolidated Marks Sheets.

    2. Sealed and duly signed copies of your High School and Intermediate Marks Sheets.

    3. Minimum of 3 Letters of Recommendation and take a recommendation letter from your project manager or team leader if you are working.

    4. Statement of Purpose – This is important part of your documentation, clearly write your goals and your objectives, Write it on your own and review it with elders or your friends.

    5. Bank Statement – You need to show amount of over 20 Lakhs Indian Currency in Savings Account of your Sponsor.

    6. Affidavit of Support – Take this on a 10Rs or 20Rs Stamp paper.

    7. Xerox copies of your GRE and TOEFL sheets.

    8. Xerox copy of your Work Experience Certificate if you are working.

    9. Passport copy

    10. Neat and Professional Resume

    11. Technical Activity copies

    12. Extra Curricular copies if any.

    • Report your scores of GRE and TOEFL by phone or mail through your credit card. Send the paper work on the same day by neatly sealing them in a big cover and send that by courier or speed post.


    16months before: Begin your search of possible US colleges or universities that you would like to attend. Register and start preparing for the TOEFL and other entrance tests (such as GRE).Continue to work hard at your subjects at school. Good grades in the courses you are taking now will count heavily in the admissions decisions.

    12 months before: Take the TOEFL and other entrance tests. Most universities require you to take the test before December, so taking it now gives you an opportunity to take it again in November and improve your score.

    10months before: Identify two or three teachers or other people whom know you well and ask them to write recommendation letters for you. Ask the schools you have attended to start preparing your transcripts. If your previous TOEFL, GRE scores were not satisfactory, register for the test again.

    9months before: Note carefully the deadlines on each of them. Remember to allow time for delays in the mail. Ask your schools to send certified copies of your academic transcripts to each of the schools where you are applying. Ask your teachers to write their letters of recommendation for you. Give them the forms provided by the schools and a stamped, addressed envelope for each letter they will be mailing. Graduate students should write their statement of purpose if the schools have indicated that they require one. This is an important part of the application. Make photocopies of the applications and begin to fill in the required information on the copies.

    8months before: Complete your essays and application forms, including the financial aid application forms, using the originals (not the copies). Send the applications.

    4months before: You will start hearing decisions from the schools . Contact the admissions office at any school that you do not hear from.

    3 months before: Get a visa appointment from the US embassy or consulate nearest you. Make travel arrangements. Schedule your trip so you arrive at least 15 days prior to your school’s orientation.

    Hey guys, I hope this post must have given you some information at least, If you have got any doubts feel free to mail me at genxden[at] or else message in the shout box., All the best !!

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    Sunday, December 10, 2006
    Mother of all Play stations : PS3
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    Sony has released it's latest eye catching, master game blaster, much awaited Play Station 3 on the 16th of November in Japan and on 17th in the US, Canada, Hongkong and Taiwan.. and boy.. are the PS fans exited or what ! It's the latest horse in the playstation series for the Sony stable and IT IS Faboulous ! Xbox fans still loyally stick to the new Xbox 360., but again.. they're fans. I am not taking any sides here.. but let's just look at the specs.

    There are two versions of PS3 :
    The Basic which has all the latest features except for built in Wi-Fi., Chrome cover and flash card reader.
    The Premium which has all the latest features plus those not present in the Basic model. It's a 100 $ costlier than the Basic model., but if you are a PS fan and u want the hottest thing that's around., you wouldn't really care.

    I won't put all the specs here but basically it has a 3.2 Ghz processor CPU and a seperate powerful GPU based on the Nvidia G70 architecture and a 256 mb GDDR3 RAM at 700MHz. If you didn't get all that... simply put.. it's as powerful as the latest PCs and even stronger as that power's focussed on gaming only. For more detailed Specs.. check this out.

    On a tv show i've heard that PS3 is so advanced that sony doesnt plan on making a PS4 atleast for another 10 years. Now that's advanced ! Xbox 360 has made its foray into Indian market and we still await the release of PS3. Hell.. i'm not even sure if PS2 was officially released in the Indian market. India is still catching up.. and very slowly.. to the gaming culture and it's gonna be a pretty long time before people give up their PCs and adopt Gaming consoles. I would loooove to.. as soon as I can afford it :)

    Happy Gaming !


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    Blogger beta is beta no more...
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    For all users of Blogger ( not )... there's good news.
    Blogger now has all the features that blogger beta has to offer and it's very easy, you just have to switch to the new blogger if you want all the new features available.

    Labels: This is very useful when you wish to divide your blog under particular categories so as to make navigation easy for the readers. Which is why we chose to have this blog in beta.

    Drag and Drop template: This is a new kind of blog template editing., a little different from the old version. It's now called 'layout' as you can arrange the page elements according to your choice and add or remove elements as per your usability and taste. You can still edit the html or switch back to the classic template editing.

    I personally don't enjoy this as most of the custom templates available on the net or the ones you make don't work in the blogger beta template. I'm not a html guru but the new

    template is not plain html but there are XML elements in it, because of which the general templates don't work. Blogger has offered some help in understanding the new template here.

    But in case you decide to use the standard templates offered by blogger, it's definitely worth switching to blogger beta as it is more organised and supposed to be more reliable.


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    Friday, December 8, 2006
    What the world needs now... is love..
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    ...It's the only thing that there's just too little of. This is a beautiful song by Jackie DeShannon. Kind of inspired me to write this post. Is it just me or have you noticed the rise in voilence too? I'm not just talking about the Iraq of Afghan war or the suicide bombers. Voilence is everywhere.

    Look at the increasing number of voilent protests in India ., be it about the OBC quota or about the clashes between social groups or castes or against visits by international deligations. Many issues at the smaller level are also being dealt with protests, mostly voilent ones instead of sorting out the problems.

    People generally are getting more agitated in their daily life. It's not very difficult nowadays to piss somebody off and get punched in your face. Friends don't sit and talk about problems., they just ask each other to get lost. Teachers and parents beat up their children for every mistake.... oh wait... it's always been like that.

    My point is.. the stress of everyday life is getting to everybody's head. Everybody needs to chill out. Take some time out for yourself. You don't exactly need to go out for a movie or dinner or something like that because again the planning can make your brain cells throb !

    Just try to get some peace and calm for atleast 10 mins everyday. Avoid or atleast spend less time with things that stress you out. Finish your work at office or home and time to maximise your free time. If your family or friends piss you off., stay quite and get off their face. There's no need to be a he-man n fight back.

    Remember that there's something for everybody in this world. You don't have to fight your way through.Peace out !

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    Tuesday, December 5, 2006
    Watch your back !
    thinks Dude Hyderabadi...,

    'Don't hunch like that... Sit up straight !'... now how many times have u heard that !? We've all never bothered to pay attention to that.. did we? I'm guessing.. not. Not many of us have any idea about how darn important our back is. Believe me.. every single action of yours affects the back.

    One of the most common back problems is called 'The slipped disk' (click for more details). It's more common in the lowermost part of ur back which I believe is the most strained part of your body. I won't go into much detail but this is what I want to say. Most people think that back problems are for old people but this problem can happen to anybody. Everybody needs to be careful.

    Just a few precautions you can take to avoid this:

    ** Listen to your body when n where you have to sit for long. If you are not comfortable that means your chair or your posture is not right. Try getting a new comfortable chair and/or sit in the right posture.

    ** If your city's got bad roads... I say try not to drive much or drive slowly and carefully while sitting upright and not hunch much. Best stick to public transport than drive a two wheeler.

    ** Recent research shows that sitting upright while using a computer is also not safe as it stresses the disks in your back a lot. The correct position would be 135 degrees backward.

    ** Don't sit in front of your PC for more than an hour at a stretch. Just walk around for 2 mins and then come back.

    It would be unwise n uncool to think that this cannot happen to you.. cause if it did.. then believe me.. life will never be the same again.


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